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Thursday, August 13, 2020

BMI calculator kg and cm

BMI calculator kg and cm

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Body mass index
( BMI) is the weight of a person in kilograms, divided by the height square in meters. BMI is a cheap and simple weight category screening tool – underweight, safe weight, overweight, and obesity.

BMI does not directly measure body fat but BMI is moderately correlated with more direct body fat 1,2,3 measurements. In fact, BMI appears to be as closely associated with different metabolic and disease outcomes as are these more straightforward measures of body fatness.

Why is BMI used for measuring obesity and overweight? 

Because only height and weight are required for calculation, BMI is an inexpensive and easy tool. Visit How is BMI measured to display the formula based on either kilograms and meters, or pounds and inches?

How to calculate BMI?

Example: weight = 68 kilograms, height = 165 cm (1,65 m) 
Calculation: 68 ÷ (1.65)2 = 24.98.



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