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Saturday, August 22, 2020

The incredible story of best way to store garlic

The incredible story of best way to store garlic

 The garlic does not lose its flavor:

Without a garlic clove, many people can't get through their meal so they still have a bulb inside the oven. While this fragrant food can be stored for months, proper stocking of the garlic bulb is essential. This way you get the most out of the garlic and stop it being soft and losing its flavour.

Save on a whole garlic bulb:

When you cook with garlic fanatically, you'll be fast to use the whole bulb. If you're not such a fan or have purchased a big packet of garlic bulbs, keeping the garlic fresh may be more difficult. You can store a whole garlic bulb outside the fridge, but if you do that, the bulb will likely start to sprout. The garlic is still going to be edible but if it has a less pleasant taste.

The incredible story of best way to store garlic

 The right temperature for garlic:

A temperature of 15 to 18 degrees is best when storing garlic. Since the room temperature often exceeds that, you need to find a good place for your garlic. A storage location lower to the floor, for example, is cooler than the top shelves in your kitchen cupboard, and is thus a better option. Also, do not place any hot appliance with the garlic bulb near the kettle, oven, stove or other. Therefore, pick a spot where there is no blinding sunshine. Garlic enjoys living in the dark.

Ventilation for storage:

Garlic bulbs are sold in a jar, and for good purpose. The plant's bulbs need ventilation to long sustain their shelf life. Therefore it is best to store the garlic separately at home rather than in a cupboard, bag or airtight storage box.
Stock peeled cloves of garlic

The incredible story of best way to store garlic

Did you unintentionally peel more cloves than you might need? It can also store peeled (and even sliced) garlic for a while. Place the cloves in an airtight storage container (yes, if it's peeled you can). A glass jar is better than a plastic bottle, because plastic retains the powerful scent of garlic.The bottle needs to seal tightly to avoid anything smelling like the fragrant garlic in your fridge. The peeled and / or sliced garlic can be kept in the refrigerator for up to two days.

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