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Sunday, May 10, 2020

Vrikshasana yoga and its benefits

Vrikshasana yoga and its benefits

Vrikshasana yoga and its benefits - Vriksasana is a yoga that helps to bring stability, balance, and stamina to your body.

So in this article, I will give you information about what is Vrksasana, the benefits of Vrksasana, the right way to do it

What is tree pose(Vriksasana )?

Vriksasana is a Sanskrit language word. It literally means a tree, that is, a tree-like seat. In this posture, the body of the yogi makes the position of the tree and tries to absorb the same seriousness and enormity in itself.

The regular practice of Vriksasana helps your body to gain new consciousness and energy. It is usually advised to experience energy by closing your eyes while doing yoga asana.

But during Vriksasana you are asked to keep your eyes open. This is so that you can get the motivation to keep yourself stable by balancing the body as well as looking at the surrounding activities.

Vriksasana is the seat of Hatha Yoga's initial level. While doing this asana, it is advisable to stand on one leg for only one minute. After this, this asana should be done on the other leg. This asana should be done at least 5 times on each leg.

By regular practice of Vriksasana, the ankles, thighs, calves, ribs become strong. While the groin, thighs, shoulders, and chest are stretched.

Benefits of Vrikshasana Aka Tree Pose
Vriksasana is the posture to balance the body. Its main advantages lie in creating balance and enhancing nerve systems.

When you balance the body, you force the mind to focus and when you focus, you begin to feel that you are able to balance. When the mind realizes this fact, it starts sending the same signal to the body. Because of this, you learn the art of making balance at a slow pace but also in the condition of stress and tension.

Apart from this, during Vrksasana you are stabilizing your mind and body also through stretching. This asana strengthens your joints and bones. Apart from this, it also helps in spreading the portion of the hips and chest. It frees the movement of your shoulders and also helps to tone the hands.

Vrikshasana yoga and its benefits
Vrikshasana yoga and its benefits

Apart from this, there are many advantages to practicing Vriksasana. like,

Vrikshasana benefits:

  • Vriksasana makes the spine strong.
  • It helps in building stability and balance in the body.
  • It makes the connection between neuro-muscular stronger and healthier.
  • Vrksasana tones the muscles of the feet.
  • It makes the leg ligament and tendons stronger.
  • The knees are strong and the joints of the hips are loose.
  • Eyes, inner ears, and shoulders are also strong.
  • It helps in relieving sciatica pain.
  • It also relieves the problem of flat feet.
  • It makes you stable, flexible, and patient.
  • Vriksasana increases concentration and removes mental complications.
  • This asana also helps to increase chest width.


Vrikshasana steps:

1. Stand upright on yoga mats in careful posture.

2. Bring both hands to the thighs.

3. Slowly bend the right knee and place it on the left thigh.

4. Keep your left foot firmly grounded in the meantime.

5. Keep the left leg very straight and normalize the speed of breath.

6. Breathing slowly, raise both hands upwards.

7. Make a 'Namaskar' pose by moving both hands up.

8. Keep an eye on something kept away and keep balance.

9. Keep the spine straight. The body will remain strong as well as flexible.

10. Keep breathing deeply.

11. Leave the body loose while exhaling.

12. Slowly bring the hands down.

13. Now apply the right leg also on the ground.

14. Stand as if you were standing before the asana.

15. Repeat the same process with the left leg now.

Precautions in Vrikshasana Yoga:

Do not do this asana if you are suffering from migraine, sleeplessness, low or high blood pressure. (This posture with high blood pressure can be done without moving the hand over the head. Elevating the hand can increase the blood pressure). If you have any problem related to sleep then you should not do this distillation.

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