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Friday, May 15, 2020

How Dhanurasana Can Make You happy

How Dhanurasana Can Make You happy

How Dhanurasana Can Make You happy - Yoga gives us the ability to absorb animals and birds and nature itself. Dhanurasana is like a blessing from nature. This asana is considered the currency of the Hathayogis residing in the Himalayas. In this article, I will tell you about the method of Dhanurasana and its benefits.

What is Dhanurasana?

Dhanurasana is also called Dhanush Asana or Bow Pose. While performing this asana, the body forms a bow-like shape. Dhanurasana is considered one of the 12 original asanas of Hatha Yoga.

This asana is one of the major three asanas described in yoga science to cause stretching or stretch in the back. By practicing this asana, the entire back gets a good stretch. The practice of this asana increases flexibility in the waist and strengthens the waist.

Know some important things before doing Dhanurasana:

There are some important things to know before practicing Dhanurasana. The stomach should be empty before the practice of Dhanurasana. This asana should be done only after defecation. Take food at least 4 to 6 hours before doing the asana. This gives the stomach enough time to digest food. The energy required for practice can also be easily acquired.

The best time to do this asana is in the morning. But if for some reason you cannot do it in the morning, then it can be practiced in the evening.


Level: Normal

Style: Configuration

Duration: 15 to 20 seconds

Repetition: No

Stretch: Below abdomen, throat, thighs, ankles, muscles of feet, entire front body

Strengthen: back

Dhanurasana images:

How Dhanurasana Can Make You happy
Dhanurasana images

Dhanurasana steps:

1. Lie on your stomach on a yoga mat, keep your feet together, and keep your hands close to the feet.

2. Gently bend the knees and hold the ankle with your hands.

3. Breathe inward and lift the chest and raise the thighs above the ground. Draw feet with hands.

4. Look at the front and maintain a smile on your face.

5. Try to focus your attention on the speed of breath. The body is drawn like a bow. While the hands will act as a bow.

6. Do as long as you can easily do postures. Keep breathing long and deep.

7. After about 15-20 seconds, return to normal.

Video Guide:

Benefits of Dhanurasana:

1. Practicing Dhanurasana can provide some tremendous advantages.

2. By practicing Dhanurasana, the back is strengthened and the muscles of the lower abdomen are strengthened.

3. Practicing this asana can help to remove impotence.

4. Dhanurasana makes the neck, chest, and shoulders wide.

5. By doing this posture daily, the muscles of hands and feet become shapely.

6. This posture also increases flexibility in the back.

7. Doing Dhanurasana daily helps in reducing stress.

8. Dhanurasana also helps a lot in dealing with a kidney infection.

Science Behind The Dhanurasana:

Both ancient yoga and modern science have confirmed that the backbone is the most complex and important part of the body. In most rugs, it has been said to strengthen the spine, considering it to be the core of life. Dhanurasan makes it stronger by focusing mostly on the spinal cord itself. It not only helps in making the spine strong but also flexible.

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